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Clothing essentials to add to your wardrobe!

At one point of time, all of us have seen our wardrobe full of clothes felt like “How did that actually happen? Why did I buy that? Why have I never used it? What was I thinking?” That usually happens when we shop out of our wits without thinking much about the usage of our purchase. Well, no worries because here are some of the essential clothing items for your wardrobe that your will be using to rags. Take a look!

1. A chiffon top is your superhero! It will save your last minute dinner-date plans or emergency meetings at work.

Tip: Keep two chiffon tops. One in the lightest and the other in the darkest shade of your favorite color.

2. A printed long-sleeved dress can be worn comfortably to casual night outs and clubs. Such dresses have a fun and summery vibe to them.

Tip: Minimalistic accessories will do the magic here so don’t overload.

3. You need t-shirts. Period. You can mix and match them with skirt, jeans, shorts, jacket, kimono, shrug, scarf and all the things in the world!

Tip: Black, white and grey are staple colors for t-shirts. Plain, stripped and stickered.

4. A slim strap solid long dress onesie will aid you on the laziest of the days when you don’t want to make an effort on pairing jeans and shirt.

Tip: Wear a bikini underneath and you will be beach ready!

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