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Find the right pair of sunglasses this Summer!

Sunglasses are more important than just being an accessory. They protect our eyes from the scorching rays of sun. They help us see and function better on sunny days. They complete a minimalistic look where they are worn on the face or tucked on a tee. They even come in handy as a hairband.

If one doesn’t lose a crack of them before time, glasses can last for several years. There are many funky sunglasses trends that come and go but is everyone made for you? So before you make a purchase, do consider the points that will help you make the right decision of where to put your money like UV protection, shape of face and weight of glasses.

Sunglasses should be taken as an investment because they don’t only provide a statement but protection from boiling sunlight. Relying on a cosmetic pair of glasses can be a cause of permanent damage to your eyes. So always remember to buy the glasses that come with UV protection certificate so that this investment doesn’t backfire.

The selection of sunglasses is directly related to the science of your face. The shape of your face will determine which type of glasses suit you the best. Typical shapes of face are round, oval, square (quite rare), rectangular, heart shaped face. The only type of glasses that suits every type of face cut are aviators.

The usual weight of sunglasses is distributed between one’s nose and ears. Wearing the incorrect pair will make you feel as if your cheeks are holding the weight of your glasses or your head is being squished. Most common reasons to reject any pair are also if the lashes touch the lens and/or the glasses being tilted towards one side. If you feel any of the above things, then make sure not to go for it.

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